Cosmetic Dentistry

We are passionate about our work and our ability to change people's smiles. A beautiful, natural smile can bring radiance, confidence and can totally change one's mood and self-esteem. We are very fortunate to have trained with the best and have the most current dental technology at our disposal. Options of all ceramic crown with no dark metal lines, porcelain veneers, full mouth cosmetic whitening, white resin bonding, and invisalign are just a few tools we use regularly to improve our patient's smiles.

With severe asymmetry enamel wear, our patient here needed a functional correction. We set forth to restore his teeth to their most natural, functional, and esthetic state with porcelain crowns and veneers. Instant beautiful results!

Our patient here was content with the "crooked" smiles until he found out that he had different cosmetic options. Without going through the traditional metal brackets to straighten his teeth, we opted to do full mouth cosmetic whitening, minor invisalign movement, and porcelain veneer to improve his smile. This was a very non-invasive method of giving him the smile he always wanted.

A very confident smile at completion indeed.

This patient has always been bothered by her "gummy smile". In addition, she hated the old discolored veneers. As a result, she does not like to smile nor like to have pictures taken. After a very conservative gum procedure to show more of her teeth, full mouth cosmetic whitening, and brand new porcelain veneers, she is now proud to smile and loves to have her pictures taken!

This patient received a complete smile makeover with all porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, and some selected areas of cosmetic whitening. Due to multiple areas of leaky, large and fractured silver restorations, this makeover not only restored her beautiful esthetics, but preserved all of the form and function of her teeth. Not seen when she smiles, gold crowns were made for strength at the back molar where the most force is exerted.

After breaking a few teeth due to non-ideal alignment of teeth, this lovely lady is thrilled with the final result! We were able to achieve a perfect combination of esthetics and ideal function with the use of invisalign treatment and some esthetic white resin restorations.

Please call our office at 508-478-3800 to inquire about cosmetic options to improve your smile.

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