Implant Supported Crowns

Dentistry has come a long way.  Implant dentistry has come a long way also. Patients struggling with partial dentures for years now have options of getting back the SAME function as they had before they lost their first adult tooth!

This patient (below) wore partial dentures for many many years.  She was not happy with the metal clasp showing, not happy with occasional sore spots, and not happy with the adverse forces the clasp put on the few remaining teeth that she has.  Over the past few years, she had lost a few additional teeth due to bad forces.  Plastic teeth were added to her partial multiple times as a result.

She hated her smile and for obvious reasons cannot go anywhere without finding her partial denture first!  Without having a spare partial denture, she was terrified that she would break her only set of partial denture!

Multiple dental implants were placed - restoring her lost roots.  Implant supported crowns, bridges were made to compliment her other existing teeth.

Implant supported crowns and bridges are just like her own teeth, but probably better because implants cannot decay.  Our very appreciative patient now enjoys to smile, enjoys to eat, and she just comes in to our office for her six month cleanings.  She literally has not sat in the doctor's chair for the past 7 years since the "makeover"!  When high quality work was performed with precision, there is very little maintenance when everything is completed.  She is so happy that she does not have to take anything out of her mouth at night!

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