Dear Patients and Families,

  It has been 5 months since we reopened.  We have made some improvements with our protocol along the way as more science and research emerge.   With everyone’s help, we are able to keep our office a clean and safe environment for great dental care.

We’d like to share with you our office new protocol to insure your safety. Your health and welfare has always been our preeminent concern. The situation surrounding the pandemic has only deepened our commitment to you.

So, what are we doing to minimize risk to you and our staff?

<> Entry protocols: When you arrive at the office, we are requesting that you call to announce your arrival. We will have you wait in your car until the clinical staffs are ready to bring you into the building. Our front desk staff will review symptoms with you over the phone.  When appropriate, a staff member will bring you into the office, review any symptoms, take your temperature, and escort you to a treatment room. We are even requiring that all members of our team, including the doctors fill out a questionnaire every day and have their temperature recorded.

<> Intra office protocols: While in the office, we are striving to minimize person to person contact. Only two stations have been set up the front desk to allow for checkout. Additional waiting areas have been marked in the hallway to respect social distancing guidelines. We are requiring that all individuals keep their masks on while in public areas. High contact touch surfaces, such as countertops and door knobs are wiped on a frequent basis.

<> Sanitization of instruments: Our non disposable instruments are carefully cleaned by a specially designated sterilization assistant trained in the latest infection control procedures. Instruments are first washed and rinsed before being placed in an enzymatic ultrasonic solution, rinsed again, and finally exposed to high level heat sterilization through a medical grade autoclave. We also use biological indicators to monitor this process and insure instruments meet our sterilization standards.

<> Sanitization of treatment rooms: Before you enter a treatment room, all surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected, including the dental chair, light, drawer handles, and countertops. Basically, we sanitize anything that has been touched or could have been touched. Any protective covers have been replaced as well. The chemicals we use are hospital level, EPA registered disinfectants. In addition, you may see some new equipment. New, in all treatment operatories are Jade air purification units. These units are designed to run continuously and filter the air, removing any contaminants, bacteria, allergens, and viruses. The filtration is state of the art, utilizing three different types of medical level HEPA filters in combination with irradiating the air with UV- C light waves. The result is surgically clean air. The air quality in all our treatment rooms will be clean and exceptional.

We have also placed air purifiers in the waiting room and at our front desk.  In total, we have 15 medical grade air purifiers in our office space.

<> Treatment procedure changes: When you first enter a treatment room, a clinical staff member will ask you to remove your mask and rinse with 30 second volumes of molecular iodine mouthrinse, designed to decrease bacterial and viral load within saliva. In addition to the Jade units, described above, we have purchased portable chairside filtration systems to minimize any aerosol produced during a dental procedure. These air evacuation units  have a long elephant like trunk that is placed close to you and helps pull away any aerosol or mist that may be generated during a procedure. The ULPA filtration level is of a higher grade than any medical grade HEPA filter on the market and filters down to 0.1microns. This helps to keep the ambient air around you clean.

<> Schedule changes: We have created early morning appointments (7 AM)  in some providers schedules for higher risk individuals. We have also lengthened appointment times to allow clinical staff the necessary time for our enhanced infection control procedures.

<> PPE: You’ll notice that we will be dressed a little differently. All clinical staff will be wearing surgical gowns or jackets, have head coverings, face shields, gloves, and level 3 masks, or N95 /KN95 level masks based on CDC’s latest guidelines. Please, know that although you may not be able to see our faces, under those masks and face shields, we are smiling, happy to see you and have you back!

The health of you, your loved ones, and our staff is, and always will be our greatest priority. We remain committed to being a leader in the community and dedicating our efforts to be the best, most trusted source for your dental health needs.

Welcome back, we can’t wait to see you!

Drs Goodman, Ko, Bressler, and Staff


Medical grade air purifier constantly filtering air.

Each room has an air purifier.

Extraoral exhaust filtration unit will be used in addition to the air purifier that is running in the background.

Independent study found 99.998% filtration efficiency of particles 0.1-0.2 microns.

Please see our new protocol.